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Parenting Skills Training Program


The Parenting Skills Training is a pre-service curriculum for foster and adoptive parents that teaches real, practical skills for navigating complex situations. Available for immediate download, the Parenting Skills Training introduces attachment and trauma concepts that help caregivers step back from upsetting behavior through their understanding of how maltreatment influences brain function.

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We focus on how attachment and trauma histories influence brain function
Our brains are built, synapse by synapse, based on a personal history. The PST has been expanded to reflect some of the latest neurobiological research showing the developmental effects of trauma, abuse and neglect, and how current behaviors are impacted by internal brain connections forged in early childhood.

75% off for many programs!
The PST has been recognized in Virginia as IV-E eligible for public programs. This means that federal grants can reimburse up to 75% of the purchase price of the PST for Virginia public programs!

Training used in two of the largest Foster Parent markets in the U.S.
The PST has been used throughout New York State by therapeutic foster care providers since 1987. In 2013 L.A. County contracted with People Places to use the PST as their curriculum for foster parents. While the PST has its largest footprint in the United States and Canada, the concepts are examples of how humans interact and develop – regardless of country of origin. Contact us at to learn more.

Available for immediate Download! What is included?

  • Orientation session and trainings 1-9, with video and audio embedded
  • Trainers Manuals in PDF format
  • Participant Manuals in PDF format
  • All Manuals clearly written, straight-foward and accessible
  • Manuals are free to reprint for your own reproduction (not distribution!)

Sample Manuals
File samples are in the PDF Format. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, click here.

  • The Introduction to the Trainer’s Manual
  • Trainer’s manual – Session 2
  • Participant Manual – Session 1


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